Beacuse Liquor Pure Water Purifier Delivers The Multi Stage Purification including Six Stages

First Stage

Sediment Filter 5 micron made of polypropylene spun fibre removes suspended impurities in water like sand, dirt, dust, slit providing frist line protection of the whole system

Second Stage

Anti Scalent- An antiscalent is a pretreatement injection in to the feed water before the feed water enters the RO membrane delays the reaction between calcium, magnessium and Bi-carbonate. The result is scale not forming as the water is being purified by the duration of the water in the membrane system is relatively short during the treatment, scale formation is prevented.

Third Stage

Sediment p.p cartridge 1 micron, Removes fine dirt, dust much better

Fourth Stage

Granual Carbon pre-filter removes chlorine , color and other impurities

Fifth Stage

Ro membrane eliminates 90-95.6 percent of all dissolved impurities harmful substance in water, as well as completely eliminating algae and viruses

Sixth Stage

Alkaline korion technology makes antioxidant, alkaline water with add minerals like calcium, magnessium, sodium and potassium

We are the World’s best RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane manufacturer and supplier. We lead and create the future technology of water treatment. Our ultimate goal is to provide innovative solutions for all humankind facing water shortages.

  • Meets the tough microbiological (germkill) standards of USEPA i.e. 6log removal of bacteria; 4 log removal of viruses; 3 log removal cysts.
  • Has ‘Auto Shut-Off’ mechanism which switches off the flow of water only when the life of Germkill Kit processor (purification kit) of the purifier is over and indicates the need for replacement, thus ensuring you never drink unsafe water or make unnecessary replacements of your purification kit.
  • Higher amount of Carbon content as part of the purification process, for removal of odour and enhancement of taste.
  • Only aquapure offers these essential safety features unlike any other in-home non-electric water purifiers within the price range. So go ahead and give your family the best protection they deserve.


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